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Tuckerton Meadows has been in the news as of late and it raises the question who's paying for this? When our homeowners association takes responsibility for people going into an association member's home regardless of what is done. Currently litigation is still ongoing and since just 2017 over 70+ units have new owners out of 130 total units. 

More news coming soon...

Asbury Park Press Articles linked below 👇

The situation W/Brooks Conner is continuing

People claiming to be acting on behalf of the association have recently taken his car too.

Stay tuned in for more info on this and other community news... April 2023

The Tuckerton Meadows Community has been through a lot over the past few years, and now it's time for a change. In the past Tuckerton Meadows has been a development without much of a community, this is an effort to change that.

It is up to community members to engage and foster community, create functional committees, and protect our community.

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Tuckerton Meadows Homeowner opinion.

(These are my opinions based on my lived experience and feelings, and I must be clear to express that because I feel I have received threats from people who claim to act on the HOA's behalf.)

No one here pays attention, and if they do, they almost immediately sell their unit and wash their hands of this place. 

First, despite my best efforts, Tuckerton Meadows has not been able to hold what I consider legitimate elections. Owners here may notice my name removed from several election ballots since 2018 and wonder why.

Well, I want you to know that I wasn't the only one, Brooks Conner and a hand full more homeowners were nominated but were never even put on the ballot.

While it's true we hired an attorney in 2020 and TRIED to get legally binding elections, the situation was so dire that we had to allow for the election to proceed improperly because, as those who showed up to the election know we had NO BOARD OF DIRECTORS! Just an attorney and management company who couldn't or wouldn't even say who hired them that had any legal right to act as our homeowner's association.

Last year's elections saw more of the same kind of shenanigans, people were taken off and not put on the ballot. Several of these owners have since sold and left the community. Do I feel 🎯 targeted? Yes absolutely. I think anyone who pays attention is.

I have NEVER been able to receive ADR, in fact, last I checked we don't even have an ADR committee, and we have no formal committees.

We don't even have clear/enforceable bylaws. Here's a fun fact for you all. The last few bylaws filed with the county were fraudulent. You might ask how could I know this? I went to meetings, I paid attention, and I saw for myself, and almost no one else did. (those who paid attention sold their units and are long gone now)

The tot lot and tennis court changes were not approved by the homeowners either. At the time it was alleged that nearly half the homeowners were not in good standing. Homeowners were given no access to ADR to allow them to be counted in the vote. Without checking my notes I believe the number was 49 out of 130 voted to approve the changes which are nowhere near the number required. That is why we currently have a playground in the middle of our tennis court.

In my opinion, almost everything that has happened in the past few years is and continues to be a liability to us homeowners.

If homeowners don't care enough about their property to pay attention to our HOA and do something to fix these issues, I'm not sure what more I can contribute to this community. I've had so many rumors and misinformation spread about me, if you've heard some of it just consider the source. My contributions to this community speak for themselves. (Election petition, went to meetings, requested HOA documentation, took actions that led to some members getting some kind of ADR, took actions to hire an attorney to compel elections, planned community events (That people acting as HOA tried to cancel) employed a neighbor, nursed neighbor cat back to health when it was near death, adopted a neighbor and their cats, tried to get the community involved in making this place better, tried to inform and educate association member on HOA laws, resources, and advocacy groups, and more including organizing and convincing people to run for the board that no one seemed to want to join)

I'm not willing to invest any more into my unit as long as the community remains in my opinion a complete liability in just about every way imaginable.

...and by the way, no reward was ever collected by anyone, for a $1000 NO ONE, not an attorney, management company, acting board member, association member, no one could provide valid documentation for our HOA. No one tried yet to provide fraudulent documents to collect the reward either, instead, many people must rely on word of mouth and fraudulently filed public records to try to figure out our HOA. 

From what I have witnessed I do not believe these documents exist, and if some come to light please I would love to see them and know where you got them.

Consider yourselves WARNED and please Don't just take my word for it do your own due diligence.

I was told the day I closed on my unit that I had "Pissed off some very powerful people, by buying my unit." It was never made clear exactly what that meant...

When we all get special assessments because of lawsuits, don't say no one told you about all these issues.

I can't fix this place myself, and it goes far beyond these issues, look around the property, and you'll find liabilities!

Tripping hazards everywhere, no gate on our tennis court/playground right next to the road, etc...

If you are a homeowner, or community member and you want to fix our community please let me know. This information will not be shared with those who could target you but if I'm going to continue trying to save this place, I need to know if this community is with me, or against me so I may act accordingly...


Memorial Day Weekend

Community BBQ & Community Member Meeting

May 29th, 2022

Starting @5:pm

Questions text 609-300-3731

For more info check this website for updates

Time updated to 5:pm

The past few years Tuckerton Meadows has had many New Owners & Renters join our community, and we want to welcome them by inviting all Community members to come out Sunday May 29th for a Memorial Day weekend BBQ.

We will have separate grills to accommodate Plant based options, and anyone with dietary restrictions is encouraged to indicate them in your RSVP so we can provide some accommodations if needed.

All are encouraged to bring chairs and/or blankets 

Tuckerton Meadows Community News



The reward offered below has yet to be claimed and is being increased to $1000.

All unit owners at Tuckerton Meadows are share holders of Tuckerton Meadows Townhouse Asssiocation LLC. and  have a legal right to these records.

If you have queastions about this offfer please reach out through this website or by emailing Members@TuckertonMeadows.com 




(please read below for more details)

Tuckerton Meadows Owners & Residents

Important information 

about Association Management.

Many of you maybe wondering about our association “Tuckerton Meadows Townhouse Association inc.” and for good reason. First let me caution you on who you accept communications from claiming to represent “the association” there are very clear laws that dictate how the governance of a common interest homeowner community such as ours is conducted. These laws (mainly the Radburn regulations) dictates such things as how an election is done, documentation of association business, your rights to access that information and review documents, your right to ADR (a alternative dispute resolution process that you have legal right to (if requested) before having any fines/disciplines imposed on you, requirements of the association to give proper notice to all association members of future meetings, and related information such as how binding votes must be taken. (per Radburn; votes must be taken for the first time in an open meeting where all owners are given acceptable notice.)

To my knowledge no binding votes have been able to be taken in recent years. (Sometime before IMPAC property management stopped representing the community in 2018 and likely before 2017)

This is a very troubling issue for our entire community.

This effects everything in our community.

Binding votes must be taken for such things as budget, change of management companies, changes to bylaws, deed changes, imposing of fines on member accounts, association contracts (Such as landscaping and snow removal, maintenance etc.) and pretty much anything of consequence.

As many of you know many things of consequence have been done in the community in the recent preceding years. Our governing documents should be clear and dictate what money is spent on but because of these issues ours currently do not, and even more concerning many documents have been filed with Ocean County indicating changes having been made that have not been properly voted on as New Jersey Law requires.

These are not small issues and they pose a liability to all homeowners who are association members.

You maybe concerned about the appearance and safety of our community and the way our bylaws are enforced.

As an association member I am too, unfortunately the reality is our rules are currently unenforceable and rely solely on misinformation and our community members not knowing facts and information. 

So to help you assess the source of this information I think it’s important to know a few things.

Only a few people have attended previous association meetings, this maybe do to lack of  proper notice being given to association members, or lack of interest. In the past 5 years about half of the units in our community has changed ownership! Yes, half! 

...and another 5+ more are expected to transfer soon.

According to public record documents sourced from Ocean County public records website of the half of all units that changed ownership 12 properties transferred title twice, 2 properties transferred title 3 times, and one unit transferred title 4 times all in less than 5 years. 

Tuckerton Meadows consists of 130 units, so half is a large number to have that kind of turnover in such a short period of time. Some of the people responsible for all the management and association issues in recent years are apart of the half who have left the community but they have left us all holding the bag so to speak.

The question of management and  governance of our association have been brought up in meetings over and over again but nothing has been done.

Some of us association members hired an attorney last year to finally compel an election. Our association was in such dire straits at that time that it was decided that an election had to proceed without delay regardless of whether or not it was going to be done properly. 

If you attended the on-site election this past summer what you would of seen and heard was NO ONE representing themselves as a member of our Board of Directors. You would’ve heard an association member asking the attorney and management company who showed up who hired them and had the right to hire them to represent the association?

This was a good question one that deserved and still deserves an answer.

They were unable to answer this question at the election meeting and the attorney who claimed to represent the association refused repeated requests to advise the association at such a critical moment when they declared that they would not complete the election that day because of a lack of ballots received, association members revolted and demanded the election to be completed immediately.

Electioneering was necessary in order to complete the election that day.

It’s was a joke of an election for so many reasons. The meeting was never even adjourned, election materials were not able to be reviewed upon request after the election, no meeting minutes were taken (as there was no secretary to take down minutes, and no minutes from the election have been given since being requested) no association business was conducted or annual budget voted on.

Since the election many association members have still not been receiving proper meeting notices for the few meetings that have happened.

Since January 2018 review of records have been repeatedly requested for documents going back to the beginning of 2016 and it was requested that these records will be preserved yet none if these records have yet to come to light or be made available to association members as the law allows.

Most importantly management company contracts, acceptable/proper meeting notices (per the law), and meeting minutes for meetings where votes have been taken to change and hire management companies, and supporting documentation for the proper appointment or election of board members to show who has the rights to act on the Association’s behalf.

If you own a townhouse in Tuckerton Meadows you have a legal right to this information, so we are putting out a bounty for it...

You can request it from current acting board members or anyone you believe was previously a board member or management company. Really look anywhere you think you can find it, shake the tree and see what you can find out.



To the first person to provide valid and verifiable documentation and supporting documentation (as listed below) for the hiring of management companies, and changes of the by-laws of our association.

This is an offer to all Association Members (Owners you have a legal right to this information & documentation), current acting board members, those who have acted as board members in the past, or (alleged) current or past management companies or their employees or former employees.


(All supporting documents required to collect reward)

Current Management company contract.

(...and supporting documentation)

Records showing whoever hired them had the authority to do so.

*Election Records from 2016 - current showing that state regulations were followed and a legitimate board was elected.

*Meeting notices of meetings where binding votes were taken.

*Meeting minutes where management contract and changes were voted on.

*Meeting minutes where any board members were appointed who may have voted on management contracts. (...and the supporting documents of those who voted to appoint them)

If you have these valid documents or can obtain them please send them to Documents@TuckertonMeadows.com in order to collect on this reward offer.

If you would like more information or have questions about this offer or website please email Members@TuckertonMeadows.com 

If or when we receive this information and documentation this website will immediately update to let the community know.

Documents will be available on this website once we receive them, if we receive them.

Until then, please precede with caution.

...at this point in time our rules seem to have becove more of a liability to our homeowners then something that protects us and our property, our rules are unenforceable without the supporting documentation. 

Anyone can challenge the ellection, by-laws, and even the deed!

Yes the deed, although documents were filed with the county showing changes being made those changes were not properly voted on. Only 40 out of 130 members voted to approve changes to our deed. 2/3 was required.

If you are concerned about your property please reach out, sign up to recieve email updates, go to meetings, and get invoved in our community. 



December meeting canceled and/or rescheduled without notice.

A December meeting was not held or was done so without notice.



November meeting canceled and rescheduled without notice.

Apologies for the short notice but tonights November 2nd Meeting has been canceled, and will be rescheduled. 

Moving forward Vincent will NOT be managing Tuckerton Meadows.

Please sign up to receive emails and check back for updated information...

We will be posting Management contracts, Meeting notices, Meeting Minutes, Budget and other financial information documents as soon as they become available.


A meeting was held November 9th without proper notice to all homeowners. Of those who did receive short notice, some were told not to share the information.



Tuckerton Meadows Board meeting

November 2nd, all members are welcome and encouraged to join at 8:pm for the open session.

just click the link in the Community Engagement section of this website to join November 2nd @ 8:pm

 (Mobile devices must have downloaded Webex App and have it installed before clicking the link)

Meeting number/ Access code:  2499 025 4216

Password:    Jy6aRkUb$89   (59627582 from phones)

Or join by phone: 1-844-531-0749

-November 2021


More forms coming soon...

Please always check the source and credibility of the information you are receiving including information coming from board members and (any) managment company.

Acting Board Members for

Tuckerton Meadows Townhouse Association


George Paczkowski

Vice President

Curtis Lee


Neil Goldstein


Board Trustee

COVID-19 in Tuckerton Meadows

January 2022        

This is just a reminder to community members to stay vigilant when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic. We currently have several confirmed and active cases of COVID-19 in the Tuckerton Meadows Community. This Omicron variant appears to be very contagious and is spreading like wild fire.  According to Ocean County Health Department Tuckerton has had around 400 total cases of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic just prior to Christmas, and now that number is 500+ and some of those 100+ new cases are confirmed to be within Tuckerton Meadows Community. 

We would ask that you please keep a mask with you in your pocket at all times when out in the community in case you come across another neighbor and want to chat. Try to keep a social distance when chatting with your neighbors, and please remember not all community members have the same risk factors as you do. 

Some are vaccinated and boosted, and some are not but regardless of vaccination status everyone is susceptible to this new variant and potentially at risk, and/or at risk of endangering others. So please be a good neighbor and remember to bring a mask with you when out and about at Tuckerton Meadows and please have the courtesy of wearing it when talking to your neighbors. 

We know this is uncomfortable for everyone and many of you have become apathetic and are experiencing pandemic fatigue but please, whatever your political affiliation or belief in the pandemic please at least do what you can to protect your neighbors by bringing a mask with you in your pocket at all times, keeping a social distance when chatting with your neighbors, and put your mask on while talking to others when  appropriate. Please be extra vigilant in washing and/or sanitizing your hands and touch points when taking out trash and touching common areas.

You can see more COVID-19 information updated daily on the...